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Egmont Key

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Egmont Key Tours Include:

  • Boat ride to Egmont Key
  • Six (6) hour stay at Egmont Key
  • Snorkel Gear
  • Ice Box for Food/Drinks

The island of Egmont Key has unique natural and cultural histories, which have made it a valuable resource since the time settlers first arrived in Florida.
Named in honor of John Perceval, the second Earl of Egmont and member of the Irish House of Commons in 1763, Egmont Key has had Spanish conquistadors and nuclear submarines pass its shores as they entered Tampa Bay.

Egmont Key State Park is cooperatively managed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Coast Guard. Access to the island is by boat only. The park is located at the mouth of Tampa Bay, southwest of Fort DeSoto Beach.

Egmont Key is a lush island full of a variety of vegetation.  Fort Dade is open to the public for exploration.  Part of the fort is underwater and may be accessed using simple snorkel equipment which is provided by Anna Maria Charters.  There are various nature trails including a brick trail set up when the fort was built to allow for easy island access to the island's 300 residents.  The lighthouse, built in 1858, is still fully functional and has been taken over by the Coastguard and the State of Florida for preservation.

Egmont Key State Park - Photos

There is local scuba rental for anyone interested.  Cost of renting gear is the responsibility of the interested party.  Native Charters frequently uses this scuba rental, so arrangements may be made through Anna Maria Charters to secure the best rates.

Egmont Key

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